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Proven solutions for your operational constraints

Logistics for cosmetic products is subject to specific constraints that require specialist solutions: a highly diversified offer, a varied and seasonal demand, and a high degree of attention paid to packaging. With practical knowledge thanks to its logistics experience and the support it offers to its many customers in this sector, SAVOYE provides you with everything you would expect from an expert partner.

Quality requirements

Cosmetics catalogs have many different individual products including perfumes, hair products, toiletries and beauty products. These products tend to be extremely homogeneous, similar in size and weight: this is a significant issue for order picking as the rate of picking errors can quickly shoot up. Given the cost per unit of these products, proven solutions are a must.

High standards

The high fluctuation in demand is a result of new product launches and the market’s highly seasonal nature, particularly strong during the festive season. The products are fragile and they must be protected during shipping. The end customer is exacting: their product must be delivered increasingly quickly in a secure and sleek packaging.

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Packaging automation: what solutions are available for my business?

It’s not always easy to know which packaging automation solution is best for you... Allow us to guide you!

The logistical challenges of cosmetics


particular care must be taken regarding the presentation and packaging of orders


high-quality order picking: zero errors, fully controlled installation times



items and operations must be secure and fully traceable, including efficient management of batch numbers to combat counterfeit products

Secure shipping

the fragile nature of the products must be considered. Secure and impenetrable packaging

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