ODATiO meets the major brands requests through the world

Launched in February 2021, SAVOYE’s new ODATiO system for WMS (Warehouse Management System) and TMS (Transportation Management System) has already been deployed to major brands around the world. Thanks to cloud-based software and mainly used in SaaS mode, SAVOYE’s new generation of WMS/TMS is continuously evolving to provide even more functionalities and propels SAVOYE’s position among the international flagships of modern supply chain solution providers.

Less than 2 years ago, SAVOYE launched its innovative, scalable, and tailor-made supply chain execution management software, ODATiO. As of today, ODATiO is already running or currently being implemented at 30 operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Frédéric Bouchet, SAVOYE EMEA Software sales director: “We are seeing real market share gains with ODATiO, with international customers and with very large customers, especially in the luxury sector. ODATiO is a great success in direct sales, and it is also an open solution appreciated by consulting firms.

From the international Marine industry, communication technologies providers, mass distribution, food logistics industry, as well as office supply or within the luxury watchmaking, all the SAVOYE customers found the matching intra-logistics software model for their warehouses. A tailored WMS and TMS solution, multi-sites, multi-languages and web-based software quickly implemented and supported by SAVOYE expert teams for maintenance and evolutions. Mainly installed in a SaaS mode (Software as a Service), customers can also decide to buy On Premise, the ODATiO licenses to run the WMS/TMS in their warehouses.

In both cases, ODATiO provides all the innovative technologies, from the simplest to the most modern, customized usages and systems interfaces to all market’s ERPs and equipment’s… and can easily support the future developments of our customers. New customers or long-lasting SAVOYE customers benefit from a modern and user friendly.

Labour Management and Yard Management, two ODATiO new modules

In 2022, new features were brought to ODATiO.

The first is the Labour Management which, based on the SAVOYE Machine Learning work, makes it possible to predict the activity to come over the next 30 days. This functionality, well known to logistics platforms, is becoming very relevant again in a context where sales are increasingly erratic and delivery times are always shorter.  Thanks to its fully configurable tasks split, the Labour Management module calculates and alerts to ensure that the teams are in sufficient headcount and well positioned (function and zoning in the warehouse) to achieve the expected service levels.

The second, based on the ODATiO collaborative platform, concerns the Yard Management System (YMS). A feature that allows warehouse managers to make digital appointments with suppliers or carriers to ensure the organization, reception, and easy departure of trucks till the warehouse doors and unloading docks.

For companies with large-scale logistics equipment and productivity issues to be controlled, these new features bring ever more control, visibility, and optimization of flows throughout the supply chain.

In many warehouses installation SAVOYE is providing both equipment and software, like for example a shuttle system combined with the ODATiO WMS/TMS. Installing warehouse automatized or robotized systems along with complete Warehouse and Transport Management software is one of the key differentiators of SAVOYE as the complete warehouse and supply-chain solution is handled by one single provider.

Since 2021, SAVOYE company is also implementing an independent integrators network around the world to support the ODATiO deployment.