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Sonepar selects Savoye's expertise in packaging automation solutions

Founded in 1969 in France by Henri Coisne, the Sonepar group, world leader in B2B distribution of electrical equipment, operating on five continents and in 40 countries, has chosen SAVOYE and its JIVARO’ packaging machines.


Thanks to the expertise and the dedication of its 45,000 employees in 13 countries, including Italy, and more than 2,800 operating points of sale, SONEPAR, with a turnover of 26.4 billion euros in 2021, confirms its position as a worldwide leader.

The Group’s corporate values are the fundamental principles that inspire every corporate decision and every daily action of its employees in supporting, with strength and credibility, the customer promise.

Faced with the evolution of the market and the need to move ever closer to a sustainable process, the Sonepar Group confirms and demonstrates today with facts the commitment included in its values statement: “People and planet: our responsibility for sustainability and a better future”.


Logistics has to change, and Sonepar is a good example of this. By the end of the third quarter of 2023, a new high-density storage logistics platform will be set up in Padua, Italy, incorporating Savoye’s packaging lines designed to serve the various processing stages: from the infeed of boxes to the picking lines, to the closing of packages of various sizes depending on the quantity and the kind of product contained.

The SAVOYE JIVARO machines chosen by SONEPAR automate traditionally manual packaging processes, improving productivity and efficiency of operations and providing better overall responsiveness. At the same time, the overall perceived value of Sonepar’s packaging is becoming a key aspect of the customer experience. For this reason, this automation is supported by concrete answers in terms of packaging protection and security, as well as the adaptation of packaging dimensions to those of the products ordered. The choice of Sonepar allows for the automation of the complete process, from the box forming to its closing, including the adapting of the height of the boxes to the volume of the products contained.

As an industry leader, we feel it is our duty to move step by step towards sustainable production and have decided to remove unnecessary and environmentally polluting consumables from our packaging. The elimination of void and plastic cushioning materials from our packages, thus saving the end consumer from having to throw away additional components, is just the beginning of a path that will see us move ever closer to the needs of people and our planet,” says Thierry Conte, VP Logistics Director of Sonepar Italy.


Few people consider the value of receiving perfect packaging; packaging is the ambassador of a company, it keeps its products unaltered guaranteeing service and professionalism and if it is able to meet the needs of people, companies and the planet, it is perfect. At Sonepar, I met not only great professionals, but also people who really think about the future of our ecosystem,” concludes Massimo Cecchinato, General Manager of Savoye Italy.