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Products and solutions

INTELIS®, the range of plug & play conveyors

An innovative range of conveyors dedicated to handling trays and packages.

Products and solutions

X-PTS Pick Station: increased productivity and optimized comfort at work

Ergonomics for increased performance!

Products and solutions

FLEEXEE, the robot that simplifies operators’ daily lives!

Designed for all activities striving for permanent adaptability in the face of a constantly changing market environment.

Products and solutions

MAGMATIC®, Automated pallet storage

Rethink your stock in a different way

Products and solutions

X-PTS® shuttles

X-PTS is a high-performance technology that will form the core of your goods-to-person and goods-to-robot solutions.

Products and solutions


A software designed for multi-site or multi-channel logistics organizations.

Products and solutions


With MAGISTOR, a simple and ergonomic WMS, organize all your logistics operations from goods inwards to shipping.

Products and solutions

ODATiO, the modular end-to-end solution

With ODATiO, embed a WMS, a TMS and an OMS in the same application for comprehensive management of your supply chain!