SAVOYE presents its innovations

Despite the cancellation of the LogiMAT , Savoye presents you its innovations! 

The cancellation of the 18th edition of the LogiMAT didn’t let us the chance to meet you on our booth…  This fair was a real opportunity for us to present you our major innovations you’ll will be able to see if you go on Paris in June for the SITL event.  


X-PTS: the flexible solution suitable for every market ! 

The X-PTS shuttle system is a robust, modular and flexible solution for stocking and de-stocking lightweight loads. Integrated to a goods-to-person solution, the X-PTS solution is a real help to logistics centres seeking for a combination of strong reactivity and high order preparation quality.  




Shuttle system is continuously being developed and all the experience gained from our installations, as well as customer requests and suggestions are integrated into our continuous further development. Our ambition today is to provide X-PTS solutions to each industries with 4 different versions.  


X-PTS standard version

Permitting to handle containers up to 620x420mm (24½inx16½in) and 32kgs (70 lbs) maximum


X-PTS extended version

Permitting to handle containers up to 820x620mm  and 55kgs  maximum


X-PTS FLEX version

This FLEX Version use a telescopic LHD with an automatic adjusment to the containers dimensions.

Permitting to handle containers from 265x265mm (10½inx10½) to 620x420 (24½inx16½in) and 32KGS (70 lbs) maximum.

X-PTS deep-frozen version

With specific frost-proof components, this X-PTS solution is dedicated to manufacturers or producers of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, ice cream,… in deep-frozen DCs (to - 18°F).

Item picking robot

Our picking robot system is completely dedicated to our goods-to-person solutions. Available in stand-alone or in combination with Pick stations, our picking robot allows a goods-to-robot working mode and to alternate manual or robotic mode ont the same station.  

Adapted to the single item preparation as well as multi-product packages, our picking robot system is able to work with several gripping tools and to handle various kind of products (various dimensions, shapes, weights,..) even in compartmentalized bins.

This solution is interfaced in real time with our WaCS software solution and works in addition to manual preparation, depending on the types of orders and activity priorities.

SAVOYE et SoCloz join forces to optimize the retail stock management

Following the acquisition of SoCloz, Savoye is enhancing its software range with an omnichannel managing solution. The target ? Cover the all supply chain from the goods-in to the shop consumer. 

With a global and real-time visibility of the stocks, SoCloz solution in combination with Savoye’s OMS allows a stock-out and unsold items reduction.