SAVOYE pursues its growth strategy after a challenging year 2022

The global SAVOYE’s 2022 turnover increased by 6% compared to 2021, despite the challenges of this extraordinary year. The year 2023 continues in a growing market in which SAVOYE intends to continue its structuring on a global scale.

SAVOYE closed its 2022 global result with a turnover that is over €200 million, 6% more than in 2021. A good performance considering the faced constraints, and even if the objective was expected at a higher level across the entire global perimeter in 2022.

To be noticed particularly, the sales results of new X-PTS automated preparation projects, which are driving a large part of the Europe and the United States sales growth in 2022. “Our automated warehouse solutions are differentiating, with a complementarity of technologies and software that allows us to carry out ever larger projects,” explains Rémy Jeannin, CEO of SAVOYE.

Also noteworthy is the sales increase via the SAVOYE Business Partners network. These integration partnerships are getting more and more numerous worldwide, with a significant effect, particularly on packaging machines sales that broke their record in 2022.

Throughout 2022, the shortage of components impacted SAVOYE operations both in terms of planning and costs. The lag in the turnover realization was mitigated by the implementation of action plans and the team’s mobilization.

The SAVOYE teams have initiated action plans to cope with and reduce the negative impacts of this economic context. Our customers were able to be delivered despite the disruptions, this is one of the essential points for us.” says Rémy Jeannin.

In 2023, the tension in terms of supply and the impact of price increases is still there. In this context, SAVOYE remains one of the major players in the market – which remains dynamic on a global scale – and as such, intends to continue developing its market share and maintain its growth.

Rémy Jeannin SAVOYE

SAVOYE carried out more than 100 recruitments in 2022 to reach nearly 1,000 employees working through the global organization today. This company growth also involves new production units, including that of Aurora (Illinois) in the United States and the new headquarters under construction in the Dijon region.

In this period of growth for the company, we need to continue our structuring to be able to face our next challenges: pushing excellence, training our teams, strengthening our development in the United States, EMEA and Asia, and continuing our innovation efforts where our customers expect us, that is to say in the intelligence of solutions and their management” concludes Rémy Jeannin.