Hero KWEST Warehouse Execution System

Powerful and complete

KWEST is the result of over 35 years of experience in the management of automated and robotic solutions. KWEST anticipates risks and optimizes the use of your automated equipment with built-in data science algorithms that allow your system to adapt to the dynamic conditions in your warehouse.


Constant balance of flows and workload 

KWEST intelligently sequences orders based on your priority constraints, operator availability and physical equipment capacity. By automatically estimating lead time to complete and releasing work to account for all activities necessary for the order – picking, inventory, replenishment, temporary storage before packing or palletizing, etc. KWEST orchestrates , coordinates and synchronizes all subsystems. The SAVOYE WES ensures a constant load balancing of your logistic flows, optimizing containers path within the warehouse.



More intelligence for better performance 

The SAVOYE WES optimizes the use of your automated equipment with built-in data science algorithms that allow the system to adapt to the dynamic conditions in the warehouse. Built on the latest in modern technology, KWEST enables you to make decisions in real time, with comprehensive interfaces to all subsystems to ensure system responsiveness and minimize downtime.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Multi-technology management 

KWEST connects, controls and synchronizes all types of systems: shuttles, mobile robots, miniloads and stacker cranes, conveyors, sorters, picking stations, articulated and Cartesian robots, packaging machines, pick-to-light systems, etc.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Make the right decision easily

KWEST offers enhanced end-to-end visibility and user-friendly supervision of your solution with integration to the latest business intelligence platforms and key performance indicators. By providing complete tracking of the processing of your orders through key performance indicators (KPIs) KWEST alerts you with live information, or with data-driven reporting, about equipment status and flow congestion or business logic alerts related to the order fulfillment or inventory.


Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

Easy integration and evolution 

Thanks to a flexible and scalable nano-service architecture, KWEST offers efficient start-up and easy integration with third-party systems. Besides, you will gain responsiveness by adapting to changing system performance demands, optimizing IT resources, automated, and robotic equipment utilization.

Warehouse Exeuction System SAVOYE

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