X-PTS Pick Station:
increased productivity and optimized comfort at work

Goods-to-person picking station: a perfect combination of performance/ergonomics

The X-PTS® Pick Station can be used in different modes and for different activities (picking, inventory, etc.) and is an ergonomic picking station, designed to withstand high speeds and adapt to busy periods.
At SAVOYE, we have chosen to place people at the heart of the goods-to person process and the overall design of our X-PTS® Pick Station. With a stated goal to maximize the comfort of your operators, favoring correct and efficient postures, while reducing the effect of stresses that generate fatigue.

goods to person

Very high-quality thanks to the “1 to 1” principle

With a single picking location and a singly drop-off location, the margin for error when picking is significantly reduced. No more chances of picking products into the wrong package. Your operators only have to focus on picking the displayed quantity, and contribute to maximizing the service rate of your business.

Savoye goods-to-person pick station

High productivity for increased responsiveness

On average, and under real-life conditions, the X-PTS® Pick Station can reach speeds of between 300 and 700 lines per hour, depending on the number of items per line and the use of any special operations (bagging, labeling, weighing). Beyond a quicker return on investment, you will also benefit from highly responsive order picking, to produce as close as possible to cut-off times and improve your logistics performance.

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Interfaces that provide comfort and ease of use

The X-PTS Pick Station is a workstation that requires minimal training, to simplify the hiring of new staff and facilitate their acquisition of skills. Its basic and user-friendly operating mode is a real asset to convince and win over your teams.

goods to person

Reduced bio-mechanical and posture stress

Repetitive operations such as picking, dropping off and validating are all carried out at hip level. Product trays and packages are ideally tilted to minimize exertion of the upper limbs. Touch buttons and screens and additional lighting make day-to-day work easier. Everything was considered to ensure your operators work in the best possible conditions.

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For optimized order picking

Sequencing at the picking station is required when certain products have to be picked before others. For example, heavy or bulky products before light or fragile products, to prevent the operator from packing the items improperly. Sequencing may be performed by the upstream storage system, or via a dedicated piece of equipment, such as the Buffer-Sequencer, capable of transforming products that arrive in no particular order into sequenced flows.

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With Savoye, the focus is on what matters...

"SAVOYE’s range of products is perfect for our sector and fully meets our needs. From the outset, Savoye has provided us with sound advice on how to rationalise space in the warehouse. So they’ll be supporting us right through the project."
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Thierry CAPPÉ

Managing Director of Papeteries Pichon

Goods-to-person: reconciling performance and working comfort with 1-to-1 preparation stations

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