Hero KWEST Warehouse Execution System

SAVOYE presents KWESTTM, a next generation Warehouse Execution System at Promat 2023, Chicago Il from March 20th to 23rd, 2023.

Born to execute and manage automated solutions in warehouses, the new SAVOYE Warehouse Execution System (WES), ensures the highest performance within the warehouse, with real-time visibility and seamless integration to all types of material handling equipment. During Promat, on March 20-23rd 2023, KWEST is being launched to the North American market of logistics and supply chain industry.

A complete Warehouse Execution System is meant to help warehouse managers by bringing intelligence and power of execution of activity release in perfect timing to all the automated subsystems in a warehouse building. KWEST was built to be equipment agnostic and tap into any customer’s tailored needs.

With KWEST, the productivity within a warehouse can be maximized by measuring the capacity in real time, releasing the highest priority work, and making critical decisions to prioritize the orders that are most important… KWEST empowers every member of the warehouse to execute the operations with excellence.

KWEST makes it simple to integrate various automated and robotic equipment.

Shuttles, robots, ASRS, sorters, picking stations, pick-to-light systems, etc. KWEST can take the control of any equipment within the warehouse execution system. KWEST ensures both SAVOYE’s equipment and third-party systems can be integrated while still using the backend execution engine for base functionality.

“Connected through one single WMS interface, KWEST relieves the warehouse equipment users from multi-supplier interfaces.” Explains Mike Rossi, sales director.

KWEST constantly optimizes the warehouse running performance.

KWEST orchestrates and coordinates all the warehouse subsystems. It intelligently sequences orders depending on customer driven priority constraints, the operator’s efficiencies, and the physical equipment capacity. It also automatically estimates the lead time to complete and releasing work to account for all activities necessary for the order – picking, inventory, replenishment, temporary storage before packing or palletizing, etc.

This high performance is driven by the constant load balancing of the logistic flows, optimizing containers paths within the warehouse.

Daniel Avram, Director of Software Engineering & Development explains “KWEST leverages data driven system intelligence to measure saturation across various parts of the building for bottlenecks. The WES optimizes its release decisions through built-in data science algorithms, to release the proper work to the appropriate parts of the warehouse to adapt to the dynamic conditions in the warehouse.”

KWEST helps users making real-time decisions to ensure system reactivity and limited time loss.

Time and visibility are also the keys for greater performance. The SAVOYE WES offers a live real-time view and userfriendly supervision. The supervision screen includes a complete end-to-end visibility for monitoring all subsystems, without multi-systems navigation. With crucial visibility at their fingertips, KWEST is key to being the alarm and alert system to provide the staff with live information about equipment status, physical jams, or business logic alerts related to the order fulfillment or inventory.

The SAVOYE new Warehouse Execution System (WES)technology is opening the next generation of intelligent warehouse running efficiency by raising time, resources, and decision-making optimization at the highest level.

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