The logistics company Portmann has improved its productivity by implementing the SAVOYE WMS solution

Supporting its clients in their continuous growth and development: that was the ambition of the logistics company PORTMANN in calling on SAVOYE

With turnover of 145 million euros, presence in France (4 sites), Luxembourg, and Poland, the PORTMANN Group is a transportation, chartering, logistics, and flow control (4PL) specialist boasting some impressive developments. A virtuous circle that also concerns its subsidiary PORTMANN LOGISTICS, a logistics services specialist. For the best possible response to the growth and development of its customers, whilst extending its know-how to other prospects, the transportation and logistics provider therefore wanted to optimise information system management in its warehouses.

Key figures

  • 16,000 m2 of platform
  • 20,000 orders / year
  • Seveso III directive

Targets of the project

  • To support the growth and the evolution of the customer’s needs
  • A tool capable of perfectly managing the storage and transportation of hazardous materials
  • A tool adapted to the 3PL’s needs

Why Savoye

  • Expertise in 3PL integration
  •  Easy cutomization of the solution
  • A good coaching and a scalable solution

Deployed solution on the logistic site

  • LM Connect


  • A controlled harmonization of our process
  • An enhanced logictics offer for the PORTMANN’s customers
  • Increasing of productivity and a better answer to each customer specificity


Read the testimony!

To support our growth and those of our customers, we thought
it was essential to change our WMS in order to improve our
performance and our services.

Sylvain DUTHIL

Site Manager at PORTMANN