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Success stories

The adaptability of the WMS tool to our internal processes has contributed to the growth of our logistics site, to the improvement of our productivity and to the respect of our client commitments. I recommend this WMS.

Laurence BERTHET

LOXAM central store manager
ODATiO will allow us to choose from our ten carriers according to the type of demand, the level of urgency, the locality to be served, the weight of the package, etc. It will therefore be able to assign the best transport scheme while meeting major challenges in terms of costs and compliance with deadlines

Stéphane LAGAL

Machines & Spare Parts Supply Chain Director at Bergerat Monnoyeur CAT
Our preparation and shipping methods must adapt to different constraints and specificities. ODATiO allows us to ensure this logistical heterogeneity on a daily basis.

Christophe CHAIX

Supply Chain Director Savy
Wishing to join forces with an experienced, competent, reliable and international partner that can set up digital solutions for our warehouse with us, we chose SAVOYE



Optimal customer supply

The high degree of flexibility required to manage an impressive catalog of products, while remaining responsive in terms of picking, stock management and providing a high-quality service all require tools that are as sophisticated as your business.

With high-level products, proven operational expertise and logistics solutions able to meet the essential need to optimize your logistics flows, SAVOYE is now a key player for distributors and manufacturers in the industry.

With SAVOYE, the focus is on what matters...

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The logistical challenges of industrial supplies

High-density distribution

to serve customers, sole traders and local authorities in under 24 hours

Split deliveries

there are more and more deliveries but they are becoming less bulky

Single articles

extensive product ranges, with many long-standing products

Multi-site optimization

management of several main and overflow sites

Mechanization, robotization: how do they complement each other?

Adapting to retain our competitive edge - this is the aim of every company! What tools can we use to achieve this? What role do people play in these changes?

Increase your overall performance

Are you ready?