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the range of plug & play conveyors

Silent and energy-saving conveyors

Intelligent, modular, quick to install and very energy efficient… INTELIS® is not short of assets. Fully developed by SAVOYE, this range of conveyors covers the handling of light loads (up to 32 kg).



A modular design

Its innovation lies in its fully modular architecture. INTELIS® is solely made up of standard elements, which are 100% independent which are connected directly on site in Plug and Play mode. Each module has its own mechanical and electrical structure, and its own control unit: it is delivery ready to be installed and connected up. Straight, curved, grooved, 45° and 90° transfer modules meet all handling needs: launching, picking stations and sorting for shipping.

convoyeurs SAVOYE

A scalable installation

Manufactured with a reduced number of parts, INTELIS® has a connector system that is directly integrated into the spars. Does the configuration of the line change? Configuring the electronic card can be done at any time, either directly or remotely. Lastly, if the installation is extended or moved to another site, all parts can be reintegrated regardless of the new configuration. The installation can be changed rapidly and simply depending on your requirements, busy periods and configuration of your warehouse.

convoyeurs SAVOYE

Adapting to the volume of business

INTELIS®’ controls are fully decentralized and don’t require any programmable controller. Each module has its own electronic card that enables it to adapt its behavior depending on its own configuration and the flow to be conveyed. The elements are capable of accelerating automatically to catch up with downstream loads, accumulate packages without pressure, for greater fluidity and responsiveness.

convoyeurs SAVOYE

Easy maintenance

If an electronic card needs to be changed, or an electrical box replaced, these operations can be done easily. Depending on the type of module, the electronic cards can be configured, either by adjusting the encoder discs, or via remote transfer or with an SD memory card. Lastly, thanks to the limited number of parts in their design, the INTELIS® modules significantly reduce the amount of space required to store spare parts.

convoyeurs SAVOYE

Key strengths

100% electric

motors that are directly integrated in the rollers and a Stop&Start principle

Plug & Play

agile, flexible and ready to go


Highly adaptable to your business, whatever your flows

Highly adaptable to your business, whatever your flows

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convoyeurs SAVOYE

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