SAVOYE and FIEGE a win-win project

Since its founding willed by Joan Joseph Fiege in 1873, FIEGE has been, and still is, a family-owned company now in its fifth generation.

FIEGE is considered a pioneer in contract logistics, evolving from a transportation company to a globally operating logistics service provider. The organization, while tied to traditions, never ceases to reinvent itself in order to stay ahead of the curve in an era of digitization and automation, going so far as to develop integrated solutions for clients in the e-commerce sectors.

This constant desire for growth and the need to respond to the demands of a leading customer in the beauty care industry prompted FIEGE to turn to SAVOYE to implement a new project for their distribution hub in Castel San Giovanni (PC).

“For us at SAVOYE, this is the first project with FIEGE, and from the very beginning, we have been appreciated for our way of presenting ourselves and our ability to listen to their real needs. Our experience in the Beauty Care sector, gave us the opportunity to guide them in their design choices while managing to optimize processes. In addition, the end client also knew us since they had used our systems before. The focus of the current project is point-of-sale replenishment and all e-commerce management for a leading Brand in the Beauty Care and cosmetics world. Our intervention will have extremely short implementation time. In only 6 months the project will be installed, tested and put into service. The end customer is eager and eager to start using the new line.” Massimo Cecchinato, managing director of Savoye Italia, comments.

The new plan to be built for FIEGE will meet the needs of an increasingly performance-demanding sector and will mainly consist of SAVOYE conveyor lines, box forming machine, Jivaro box closing machines with volume lowering, e-commerce line sorter, retail line sorter, and a WCS (Warehouse Control System) to manage all the automatic technologies of the new logistics installation.

Downstream of a traditional picking zone, the SAVOYE system will handle order consolidation and shipping for the two different business lines, retail and e-commerce. For the retail line, the system will provide picking operators with automatically assembled cardboard boxes in various formats. Once the picking process is completed, the boxes will pass through a quality control station, then the Jivaro box closer will automatically lower the height of the box according to the items contained inside, obtaining a twofold advantage, the reduction of the volume shipped and the protection of the items inside. Once closed, the shipping label will be applied and the boxes will be routed to the corresponding sorting station. Orders destined for the e-commerce channel will be transferred to the packing stations where, depending on the products picked, suitable packaging will be used and specific customizations can be made to the order. All e-commerce packages will then be transferred via a high-performance line to a consolidation and sorting area.

I can say that from the very beginning of the collaboration with FIEGE, I felt from both companies a strong desire to start a win-win partnership that we hope will extend to other future projects.” Massimo Cecchinato, managing director of Savoye Italia, concludes.