ODATiO, the end to end solution

Take control of your supply chain

ODATiO is the result of more than 35 years’ experience of designing and publishing Supply Chain Execution software and is a smart solution, comprising an embedded WMS, TMS and OMS  in the same application. Its modular, scalable and innovative format has been designed to boost the flexibility and efficiency of your business and, therefore, to support you in all your challenges. Whatever your current constraints and future challenges, ODATiO adapts to your situation in a standard, gradual manner and supports your development aims.


A 360° view of your logistics

ODATiO allows each user to customize their control cockpit using predefined widgets in order to focus on what matters most. Your can click on each cockpit widget to rapidly identify anomalies without needing to quit the application. With more efficient operational management and a view of the most relevant KPIs, you save time when making urgent decisions.

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Global warehouse and transport management

With an embedded WMS, TMS and OMS in the same application, ODATiO provides you with a comprehensive view of your activities. In addition to centralized access and rights management, implementation and upskilling of your teams takes place quickly and effectively.

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As no-one knows your business better than you

ODATiO provides a unique business rules engine, which can be configured entirely by users and centralized on a single screen.  This rules engine allows users to independently define and amend their business rules, with no limits on the number of parameters and without the need for any technical expertise. With ODATiO, you can flexibly add, amend and delete your rules, based on the development of your business and your management.

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System validated

For several years now we have been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute as a reference WMS solution. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft based in Germany is the world’s leading applied research organization. A trailblazer and trendsetter in innovative developments and research excellence, it is helping shape our society and our future.

SAVOYE is named in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Transport Management Systems (TMS) in Europe. Gartner Magic Quadrant offers an in-depth view of the leading warehouse management software vendors operating in the market.

Savoye Magic Quadrant

Key strengths


Available in as an SaaS and On-Premise solution, ODATiO works perfectly with automated, robotized and AI systems​.


Synchronization of flows and preparation orders ensuring a significant improvement in your level of service.


Configurable business rules and workflows ensuring continuous adaptation to changes in your business model.


An application that is continually enhanced by new standard modules with continuous access to upgrades.

With ODATiO, the focus is on what matters…








ODATiO will allow us to choose from our ten carriers according to the type of demand, the level of urgency, the locality to be served, the weight of the package, etc. It will therefore be able to assign the best transport scheme while meeting major challenges in terms of costs and compliance with deadlines

Stéphane LAGAL Machines & Spare Parts Supply Chain Director at Bergerat Monnoyeur

We were won over by the technical aspect, the ergonomics and the modernity of the tool. Its ease of use, its cloud hosting were also significant advantages

David PERRUCHEProjects, Studies and Industrialization Manager at Deret Logistique

ODATiO is a well-thought-out modular solution, which seems to capitalize on all of Savoye’s logistics knowhow. We expect greater reliability and productivity in our preparation processes, lower costs and improved quality of service

André ETCHEMENDY CIO of JM Bruneau

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