CDPR: optimized order preparation

CDPR, a spare parts platform owned by Emile Frey and Groupe Bernard, stands out for its efficiency and quality service. Located in Belmont-Tramonet, this platform covers an area of 11,000 m² and employs 160 people daily. Its crucial role is to ensure the delivery of automotive spare parts twice daily to its customers, mainly garages. With very tight delivery deadlines of H+4, or even H+2 for the nearest sectors, CDPR prepares and dispatches approximately 10,000 order lines every day.



Meeting the company's ambitions

CDPR aims to increase the number of references available to its clients. This ambitious goal relies on impeccable logistical organization.


Increasing responsiveness

Speed of delivery is essential, and CDPR strives to meet extremely tight deadlines to satisfy its clients' expectations.


Optimizing preparation accuracy

CDPR aims to enhance the reliability of order preparation, particularly for those with fewer than 30 lines, to ensure maximum efficiency.


Picto quality

Customer satisfaction

Thanks to its constant efforts to improve service, CDPR has successfully increased customer satisfaction, meeting their expectations efficiently and promptly.

Enhanced service quality

By focusing on quality, CDPR has been able to provide better service, reducing errors and increasing delivery reliability.


By batching orders, CDPR has optimized preparation times, significantly improving its responsiveness and ability to meet tight delivery deadlines.

SAVOYE has been supporting us with the WMS since the launch of the platform. Their experience with Put-to-Light systems motivated us to engage them again for our project.

Clément PERRIN

Logistics Director